Feeder fishing tournament
Flagman Feeder Master


Fishing tackle feeder sport – popular and fast-growing trend, but the growth opportunities of professional skills among fishermen in our country, unfortunately, not so much.
That is why the NGO “Professional feeder league” was created, which is designed to bring the fishing sport of our country to a new stage of development. And the first step towards this goal was the holding of large-scale sporting event called FLAGMAN FEEDER MASTERS, which we hope will become an annual event.

FLAGMAN FEEDER MASTERS Tournament consists of two qualifying stages for the Ukrainian athletes and teams, as well as the international finals.

The final round is the culmination of all the sports event, bringing together fishermen from different countries in their desire to improve and grow professionally.
The key idea of the event is to gather the best athletes of Ukraine, foreign athletes to raise the professional level of sport in our feeder strane.A for this, we will strive to embody the notion sporting high-level event in Ukraine as it should be carried out and thus make it as open as possible for athletes.
Together, let us develop the sport – a clear and accessible!