Feeder fishing tournament
Flagman Feeder Master

Rules and terms

                                                                   Flagman Feeder Masters TOURNAMENT RULE

                                                                                                              1. GENERAL PROVISIONS

1.1. FLAGMAN FEEDER MASTERS tournament determines best sportsmen and teams, increase skills of participants, prepare them for future feeder fishing tournaments, encourage and promote sport feeder fishing.

                                                                                                               2. PARTICIPANTS OF THE TOURNAMENT
2.1. Sportsmen and teams which have submitted applications in accordance with the established form and meet requirements, determined by the Organizer, and whose participation is agreed, are permitted to take part in the tournament.
2.2. Team members: captain; sportsman; coach; reserve sportsman or assistant. The coach and reserve sportsman or assistant allowed give verbal advices, instructions but stay solely within the sectors, registered by the team.

                                                                                                              3. TOURNAMENT PROCEDURE
3.1. Zones and sectors for the sportsmen are determined by draw. The Judging Panel defines the order of priority just before the draw commencement.
3.2 During each stage of the tournament, teams are not allowed to get last sector twice. During the sector draw, sportsmen of teams, received edge sectors in one of the zones, draw the sector of the next zone first.
3.3. During the tournament, the zone draw of sportsmen is held solely before the first round of a tournament stage. The sector draw is held before each round of the tournament, separately for each zone.
3.4. Fishing time – 5 (five) hours. Fishing starts with the “Start” signal and finishes with the “Finish” signal.
3.5. Signal “Finish” is a signal which stops the fishing. After the signal and before the announcement of the judge “Weighing procedure is finished”, sportsmen are prohibited to leave sectors or let other sportsmen and persons into the sector.

                                                                                                              4. TOURNAMENT RULES
4.1. Only one sportsman should be presented in each sector. A sportsman should fish with one rod and a fishing rig with one tipped and one single hook. The total length of the feeder rod should be no longer than 4 (four) meters 57 (fifty seven) centimetres (15ft).
4.2. After the “Start” signal, no more than one fishing rig should be in the water.
4.3. A number of additional rods and rigs are unlimited.
4.4. Only a safe fishing rig – the running feeder allowed at the tournament.
4.5. No additional elements with positive floatation should be used at any part of the fishing rig.
4.6. The minimum length of the tippet is limited and should be 50 centimetres. The maximum length of the tippet is unlimited. It is prohibited to pull the tippet through the feeder, paste up with groundbait or deliberately shorten its length.
4.7. According to the international classification, the maximum size of the hook is No. 10, the length from a hook point to a shank should be not more than 7 (seven) millimetres. Hooks of bigger sizes are prohibited.
4.8. Sportsmen are allowed to use only natural groundbait and hook baits. Groundbait and hook baits can be painted or soaked with nontoxic aromatic substances.
4.9. Any groundbait or hook baits containing any kinds of live or dead fish, live or dead ants, ant eggs or fish roe are prohibited.
4.10. Baiting on a hook or tippet together with the bait (or instead of it) any nonanimal substances with positive floatation is prohibited.
4.11. During the tournament, allowed volume of groundbait for one round of the tournament per one sportsman should not exceed: 12 (twelve) litres of groundbait and 2.5 (two and half) litres of animal component of the groundbait, where bloodworm should constitute not more than 0.5 (half) litres.
4.12. Dry flavours, other additions to the groundbait are added to the total allowed volume of groundbait and should be presented to the judges during the groundbait check. Liquid flavours can be used during the tournament round unlimitedly.
4.13. The check of groundbait and hook baits should be commenced by the Judging Panel not earlier than half an hour after the signal “Entry to the zone” and completed not later than half an hour before the “Start” signal. The groundbait, hook bait and animal component are presented by sportsman for check in packaging with clearly identified capacity.
4.14. After the groundbait check, using sieves and mechanical equipment for mixing groundbait is prohibited. After the groundbait check and before the “Start” signal, no additional damping of the groundbait with a spray using water or other liquids with unlimited volume will be allowed.
4.15. The volume of substance where the animal compounded was detected during the check should be added to the total volume of the animal component.
4.16. After the groundbait check, it is prohibited to keep any groundbaits, hook baits or animal component of the groundbait which exceed the allowed volume in the sportsman’s sector.
4.17. The “Preliminary feeding” signal is announced 10 (ten) minutes before the “Start” signal and gives a right for sportsman to feed at the place of fishing with the help of a feeder without a tippet.
4.18. Fish biting should be indicated by the sportsman solely by a flexible top of a feeder rod. Using other indicators is prohibited.
4.19. A rig should be thrown into the water solely with a rod and only with muscle strength of the sportsman. The minimum distance of fishing is limited and constitutes 15 meters from a bank line from the sportsman’s sector.
4.20. A tackle should be thrown only from behind the back. Throwing of the tackle, study of the bottom relief or feeding outside own sector is prohibited.
4.21. During the tournament, sportsmen are allowed to use only seat boxes. Any additional equipment to perform additional functions can be installed near the seat box.
4.22. During the tournament, at the moment of the “Start” signal, two supports of the seat box should be on the bank. During the round, the seat box can be moved only towards the bank.
4.23. On sportsmen’s arrival to their sector, they can place their equipment within the sector and then leave it. Any preparation of equipment within the sector before the “Entry to the sector” signal will be prohibited. Before the “Entry to the sector” signal, feeding groundbait and rods can be prepared outside the sector.
4.24. Sportsman is allowed to place rods during fishing freely; however, parts of rods cannot stay beyond the limits of the sector. In case of sector conditions do not allow to place a rod within the sector, a sportsman have right to apply to the judges to settle this issue.
4.25. During the tournament, a sportsman can find any place within the sector at his sole discretion, however, equipment, placed within the sector, should not stay beyond the limits of the sector. In case the sectors conditions do not allow to place the equipment within the sector, a sportsman have right to apply to the judges to settle this issue.
4.26. With their sector, sportsmen should move silently and do not disturb other participants of the tournament with their actions.
4.27. Sportsmen can study of the bottom relief any time after the “Entry to the sector” signal. The bottom relief studying is allowed to be carried out with a feeder rod with a reel equipped with a lead weight. The weight and type of the lead weight is unlimited. All other types of bottom relief study using other types of equipment are prohibited
4.28. With the help of a judge, between signals “Start” and “Finish”, sportsmen must stop fishing and present for check their rigs, groundbait, hook baits and any other equipment, which is within the sector.
4.29. Sportsman can leave the sector to align finishing lines solely after the permission of the Judging Panel and before the “Start” signal.
4.30. Sportsman is allowed to enter the water not deeper than above knees. Sportsmen can get deeper only after permission of a member of the Judging Panel and under his direct supervision.
4.31. After the “Groundbait check” signal and before the “Weighing procedure is finished” signal, a sportsman have right to leave his sector under condition of the emergency and after permission of a member of the Judging Panel. Sportsman rigs should not be left in the water during his absence.
4.32. Sportsmen have no right to accept from other sportsmen or persons any practical assistance with preparation of a tournament place, tackles, hook baits, groundbaits, fish landing or provide any assistance to other sportsmen without a permission of a member of the Judging Panel after the “Entry to sector” signal and before “Weighing procedure is finished” signal.
4.33. Only sportsman can use a net during fish weighing at the tournament.
4.34. After the “Groundbait check” signal and before the “Weighing procedure is finished” signal, portable water, food, medicine, etc. can be given to a sportsman in to the sector only with a member of the Judging Panel.
4.35. During the tournament, sportsmen should keep fish alive (if it’s possible) during the weighing. A keepnet shall be fully submerged into the water.
4.36. Minimum allowed length of the keepnet is 3 meters.
4.37. Fish should not be taken out of the sector and/or transferred to other persons before the “Weighing procedure is finished” signal.
4.38. During the tournament, all caught fish shall be accepted for ranking.
4.39. Fish accidentally caught not by its mouth shall be also accepted for ranking. Deliberate gaffing is not permitted.
4.40. Fish caught together with another rig will be accepted for ranking. Provided more than one fish has been caught, only one fish shall (at sportsman sole discretion) be accepted for ranking, the rest will be immediately released into the water.
4.41. During the tournament, after the “Finish” signal, fish from a keepnet or fish taken out from the water at the time of the signal, or fish from the net is accepted for ranking. No additional time for fish weighing shall be added after the “Finish” signal.
4.42. Fish which was caught during training and tournament rounds shall be immediately released after training/tournament rounds in accordance with the Rules of the tournament.
4.43. Fish caught during tournament rounds should be immediately released after the “Weighing procedure is finished” signal by the judge of the zone.
4.44. Radio systems and portable communication devices are allowed only if they will not disturb other participants of the tournament.
4.45. During the tournament, after the “Weighing procedure is finished” signal, sportsmen should leave the tournament sector within 120 minutes if otherwise has not been determined by the Provision of the Tournament.
4.46. All participants of the tournament are not allowed to disturb a weighing procedure, judges or their work.
4.47. After training and every round of the tournament, a sportsman should clean up the sector.
4.48. After training, rounds of the tournament, throwing groundbait, hook baits and animal component into the water is prohibited.

                                                                                                              5. SANCTIONS APPLIED TO SPORTSMEN
5.1. In case of breaching these Tournament Rules and Provision during one tournament, the following sanctions will be applied to sportsmen: reprimand, warning, withdrawal from the tournament.
5.2. All breaches of the Tournament Rules and Provision by sportsmen will be recorded by judges within the zones (protocol of breaches) and will be brought to the attention of the Judging Panel, which has a right to impose additional sanctions.
5.3. A reprimand or a warning can be announced to a sportsman by a judge in the zone or by the Chief Judge. During a tournament round, a sportsman should stop fishing and eliminate the source of the sanction.
5.4. Sanction “Reprimand” could be imposed on teams/sportsmen for:
– interference into the work of a judge/judges, arguing with a judge;
– breach of the following paragraphs of the Rules: 4.20; 4.22; 4.24; 4.25; 4.26; 4.27; 4.29; 4.43; 4.44; 4.46;
5.5. Sanction “Reprimand” recording in the protocol of breaches with the breached paragraph of the Rules and signed by the judge in the zone and sportsman both. After the end of round, protocols of breaches in the zones are submitted to the Judging Panel.
5.6. Sanction “Warning” could be imposed on teams/sportsmen for:
– absence of the team at the tournament opening and closing ceremony without a chief judge’s permit;
– swimming in the water during the tournament;
– presenting groundbait, hook baits and animal components to the Judging Panel for the check not in a measuring container;
– use of a sieve or mechanical equipment to sieve and mix groundbait after the Judging Panel check;
– deliberate hiding of prohibited by the Tournament Rules and Provision volumes of groundbait and hook baits after the check;
– throwing baits closer than it is allowed by the Tournament Rules;
– absence in the sector during “Start” or “Finish” signal without a judge’s permit;
– putting of fish into a keepnet, caught after “Finish” signal. After this, a judge in a fishing zone of a sportsman takes the biggest fish, which is released into the water without weighing;
– early releasing of fish into the water (before the “Weighing procedure is finished” signal);
– taking fish out of the sector before the “Weighing procedure is finished” signal;
– breach of the following paragraphs of the Rules: 4.1; 4.2; 4.4; 4.5; 4.6; 4.7; 4.8; 4.9; 4.10; 4.11; 4.13; 4.14; 4.16; 4.17; 4.18; 4.19; 4.23; 4.28; 4.30; 4.31; 4.32; 4.33; 4.34; 4.35; 4.36; 4.37; 4.40; 4.41; 4.42; 4.45; 4.47; 4.48.
– secondary imposing of sanction “Reprimand” during one tournament.
5.7. Sanction “Withdrawal from the tournament” deprives the sportsman/team of a right to continue the tournament, and also, by the decision of the Judging Panel, can deprive of a right to participate in next rounds of the tournament. Consideration of the “Withdrawal from the tournament” shall be executed as a protocol of the Judging Panel and sent to the Organizer and the Major Sponsor for review.
5.8. Sanction “Withdrawal from the tournament” is imposed on the sportsman/team for:
– repeated breach of Rules that triggered sanction “Warning”;
– appearance under the influence of intoxicants during events determined by the Tournament procedure;
– refusal to eliminate the reason for sanctions “Reprimand” or “Warning”;
– deliberate change of sector’s boundaries;
– refusal to a judge to check groundbait, hook baits, animal content or other equipment in sportsmans sector during the tournament;
– use of prohibited by the Rules or the Provision tackles and rigs;
– deliberate gaffing or use of automatic fishing device;
– fish caught and out into a keepnet after the “Cease fishing” signal;
– breach of the paragraphs 4.21; 4.39 of the Rules.
5.9. A sportsman, who was noticed giving bribes, fabricating results of the tournament, adding fish that caught not during the tournament time limits, passing fish to other participants or accepting from another participant, will be deprived of a right to continue the tournament and recorded facts should be submitted to the Judging Panel for review.
5.10. Sanctions imposed on sportsmen shall be listed in a consolidated protocol of the tournament.
5.11. Sanction “Verbal warning” can be applied to the coach, reserve sportsman or assistant. The sanction should be imposed by the Judging Panel in case if they make impossible for other participants of the tournament or members of the Judging Panel to duly perform their obligations. On announcement of the third “Verbal warning”, the coach, reserve sportsman or assistant shall immediately leave the zone of the tournament before the end of the tournament round. Provided the coach, reserve sportsman or assistant do not fulfil sanctions of the Judging Panel during the tournament round, the team of such coach, reserve player or assistant can be withdrawn from the tournament.


  1.  Weighing

1.1. Fish allowed for fishing by the Rules of FLAGMAN FEEDER MASTERS tournament is accepted for weighing.

1.2. Weighing results are recorded by the Chief Judge in the weighing protocol with a compulsory signature of a sportsman.

1.3. Prior to the weighing, a sportsman should keep the keepnet in the water within his sector. Fish from the keepnet for weighing shall be accepted by a representative of the judging panel after the signal.

1.4. Sportsmen should release fish into the water only after a signal of the Chief Judge and after their signing of the weighing zone protocol.

1.5. Fish weighing should be carried out by putting the catch into a net container (or container with a perforated bottom) for free flow of the water. Sportsman should be present during the catch weighing and signing the protocol with the recording of the catch weight.

1.6. The catch can be reweighed in case of:

– sportsman request;

– failure of weighing process because of support breakage or fish falling out of the weighing container;

– scales replacement in case of their technical failure.

1.7. In cases of reweight pointed in paragraph 1.6, the catch should be placed into the keepnet and submerged into the water, reweighing shall be carried out under the procedure pointed in paragraph 1.5.

1.8. Catch weighing shall be carried out with the highest accuracy within the technical permit of the scale, with allowed error not more than 10 grams.

1.9. During the weighing procedure, judges should place the scales at a special support (tripod stand).

1.10. Upon signing of the weighing zone protocol by the Chief Judge and a signal to release fish into the water, any sportsman or team representatives complaints against the catch weight will not be accepted.


  1. Winners determination

2.1. A sportsman gets one point for each gram and gets the rating according to the total score in the zone.

2.2. The winner of the round is a sportsman with the higher score. In case of a draw in one zone, sportsmen are given number of points determined as an average of rankings points they could share.

2.3. Team results is the sum of points received by sportsmen of one team in their zones. The tournament winner is a team with the lowest sum of points for the after all rounds. In case of an equal sum of two or more teams, the winner is a team with the highest score for after all rounds. In case of an equal number of points for after all rounds, the winner is a team with the highest score after the last round.

2.4. Results in the individual competition will be determined by sum of the points receive during the rounds of a tournament stage competition. The winner of the tournament in the individual competition is a sportsman with the lowest sum for after three rounds. In the case of equal number of points winner will be a sportsman with the highest score after three rounds. In case of an equal number of points after three rounds, the winner will be a sportsman with the highest score for after the last round.

2.5. Sportsmen without a catch will receive the number of points which corresponds to the maximum ranking in the zone.

2.6. In case of sportsman withdrawal from the tournament, sportsmen with the lower ranking according to the protocol will receive the ranking of withdrawn sportsmen.

2.7. Sportsmen who took part only in one round because of the substitution will not take part  in the individual competition and will not be add in the final list

2.8. Winners awarding will be held under the procedure stipulated in the Tournament Provision.

2.9. During the awarding procedure, all sportsmen and teams rankings will be compulsory announced, as well as all protests made with corresponding decisions of the Judging Panel and sanctions applied to sportsmen and teams with compulsory indication of names of sportsmen and teams.